'My acupressure mat has created space for relaxation and calm. It relieves any stress, tension and pain after a busy day. I use it every night to ease into sleep and if I wake up, a short stint on my mat puts me back to sleep every time. As a shift working Registered Nurse, my acupressure mat makes it easier to cope with the demands on my body and mind.'

Rebecca Win, Registered Nurse

'I like the Zen Mat because it makes me feel calm'
Ajani, age 7

I am finding the mat SO great with sleep. I have so much going on at the moment and my mind is often whirring, which makes sleep difficult. I might be restless, distracted, and fidgeting, but then I lie on the mat and everything settles. Even my mind!

Tara Jackson

I’ve been using the Zen Division Mat in combination with my standing desk for a while now and it is very comfortable to stand on. To me, it’s a great improvement over standing on hard floor or even carpet because the acupressure points stimulates the nerves and the blood flow in my feet during the day. The firmness of the mat is way nicer than standing on whatever your workplace or home flooring would offer. I often wear socks while standing on the mat but alternate with using it barefoot and both options work great for me.

Kai Koenig, Software architect and developer at Ventego Creative

'I used the mat last night and did Headspace while on it. It was brilliant, and I slept all night, which given it was the night before my first day of work, I wasn't expecting. : )

Pippa Burch, Doctor

After trying your acupressure mats, I have to let you know how fantastic they are. With having a damaged spine I'm always a little dubious regarding new products but this is EXCELLENT. I'm over the moon to have found your mat and pillow. I tried the mat with a singlet on to check it wasn't painful I had nothing to worry about. And the neck pillow brought me relief with a couple of minutes. It's great that the pillow and mat are separate so I could get the angle just right for my height and shape. Since purchasing the mat, and using on a regular basis I have been able to reduce painkillers which is always a good thing. I now use mat and pillow at least once a day, and after a long shift, it's now the first thing I do when I get home!! I want to say a huge THANK YOU as your product is making a real difference to my world. The ZEN DIVISION is a wonderful philosophy that is making a real difference. I so hope you bring out further products in your new "shop" section and will certainly be recommending the mat and pillow to my friends and family. The handy duffel bag is fab (and funky lol) to throw over my shoulder and take my mat wherever I go. Thanks again to Carina and The Zen division.

Rachael Allen, Counsellor and Mental Health Shift Worker

Now about my lovely mat experience... 
I strip down to my thermals and tights to be able to feel the mat through my clothes. I experience a warmth that spreads over my back and find it very relaxing and comfortable. The pillow I use separately when I watch TV as it supports my head and neck that the back of the chair doesn't reach. So I get a double benefit.
I am delighted with it. 
Paula Allen, Retired Nurse/ Nurturer
I'd like to explain how great and useful my prickly zen mat turned out to be when I go travelling.  No I don't use it as a magic carpet to get where I'm going  but I do use it as a cover for my car seat and it makes travelling long distances, as a passenger, so much more comfortable. Instead of getting out of the car, after travelling for a couple of hours, or more,  and feeling like I have to unfurl my body before it will work properly, I alight from my seat feeling comfortable and without a  sore backside.  What more can I say but my husband's zen mat works wonders as a long distance travel companion for my body. I would highly recommend trying out this idea - simply put it on the car seat so that it also rests up behind the back.  Wella - you got it!
Odette Hilston