How to Use Your Zen Mat

Three steps to find your Zen:





Step 1:

Lay your mat out on the floor or bed (or the beach!).


Step 2:

Sit in front of it, with your back to it. Now roll down slowly using your hands to support you (make sure your hands are on the ground, not on the spikes!). Adjust your position, and the pillow under your neck.


Step 3:

Now relax and wait for the magic to happen. If you like you can test it with a t-shirt on first, and as you get comfortable you can progress to direct skin contact for maximum effect.



It can be a good strategy, to begin with just a few minutes on the mat and build it up until you are able to tolerate the sensation for 15-20 minutes or longer. A great way to do this is to combine lying on your mat with a meditation. Learn more about how meditation can benefit you in this blog post. Click the image to access free guided meditations




You can target specific parts of your body. For example under the knees, if you suffer from restless leg syndrome, or on tight muscles after sports or exercise. You can also roll part or all of your mat -or put it on a rolled towel or pillow for better contact. You may discover that a few minutes on a targeted area is area is enough to experience some relief. 


Ideas To Try

  • Try using your mat during Shavasana to increase the benefits of your yoga class
  • It can  also be effective in transition recovery, used to rejuvenate in between tasks or major transitions throughout the day (leave your work at work!)
  • You can stand on your mat to soothe tired feet, increase circulation and prevent blood pooling at the ankles, and for overall body and mind benefit if  you work at a standing desk -start with socks on if you have sensitive feet



'I’ve been using the Zen Division Mat in combination with my standing desk for a while now and it is very comfortable to stand on. To me, it’s a great improvement over standing on a hard floor or even carpet because the acupressure points stimulate the nerves and the blood flow in my feet during the day. The firmness of the mat is way nicer than standing on whatever your workplace or home flooring would offer. I often wear socks while standing on the mat but alternate with using it barefoot and both options work great for me.'

Kai Koenig, Software architect and developer at Ventego Creative


  • Use it before sports to increase circulation
  • Full body after intense exercise
  • Alternatively, you can target specific parts of your body
  • Whilst traveling in a car or a plane
  • Support your neck whilst watching TV on the couch, relaxing in a hammock or out on      the deck




There are as many ways to use your mat set as there are stars in the sky, it just depends on how creative you are feeling. Please share your experience with us!