Are You Ready to Blossom Wildly?

 Is it enough to just exist, or are you ready to BLOSSOM WILDLY?


Springtide, 'the season of spring' is here, carrying with it the connotations of renewal, rebirth, regrowth. The heralding of a new season is like a punctuation mark, a pause in which to recollect oneself and set a new intention going forward.

Too many people ignore what they know in their hearts needs to be addressed. We can end up feeling like we only able to muster up the effort to do what is absolutely necessary, with nothing extra left to enjoy those, sometimes simple pleasures that bring us joy. When was the last time you felt spontaneous and playful, that you were able to focus on a single task without distraction, or felt motivated enough to do the things you used to love? 

What I have learned through my own experience, and conversations with many, many women over the years, is the value of self-care -or rather, that it is invaluable. So what exactly is self-care? Well, broadly, it includes any intentional actions you take to care for your body, mind and spirit. What this looks like is different for everyone and what works for each one of us will be as unique as we are. Pretty simple, eh? Well, it turns out that good self-care is a challenge for many people. Why is it that we find it so difficult to put ourselves first?

Self-care_blossom wildly

One thing I know is that when we set an intention to take care of ourselves, and make this our priority, we can do better than just survive. We can flourish. We can live the life we came here for. I'm here to remind you that this is a possibility. But it's up to you to decide if that is what you want. So tell me, do you want to blossom wildly, or is it enough to just exist?

Do you yearn to be the best and healthiest you, but your wellbeing is the first to drop from your agenda when life happens? Come on over and join our FB group 'Zententions', and share your self-care intention with us. This is a closed group for members only, providing a supportive and private space for you to share your intentions, challenges and celebrate your successes. Get some gentle accountability, soak up the collective knowledge and experience from people who get it. And it's completely free.

Where are you sitting, what is it that you need right now? Now is the perfect time to set an intention to put yourself first. Who knows what magic might happen?


With renewed joy,

Carina X


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